After a smooth train trip to Kastrup airport it was easy to find the plane that would take us to Reykjavik. Weather fine and plane trip without turbulence. Fascinating view of Iceland from above: not a single tree to be found. It was kind of desert like and the surrounding sea was emerald greenish blue.

At the airport I was relieved to find a “snyrting” (toilet) before heading for Reykjavik where 60% of the Icelanders live, according to my guide book. The road from the airport went through a flat barren landscape covered in pieces of ash and some occasional groups of violet blue lupins. Hadn´t it been for the motor way we would have had the impression of being in a complete moon landscape.

Lupins & lava and then Reykjavik appearing in front of us. We settled in our rented appartment and took a walk to the city centre that was quite near. Nice with many book stores.

Now it´s nine (for me it´s eleven…) in the evening and the sun is shining. Cool.
Tomorrow there will be a tour to some interesting sites here.