Just two days have passed since my first blog entry but it seems a very long time. These two days have been so full of different kinds of impressions that it feels like it was a long time since I left home.

The round trip to some of Iceland’s highlights was a special experience. The Golden Circle is a 200 km long tour to awsomely fascinating historical and geological places.
The first stop is at the place of the first Parliament, Althingi , which was founded in 930.

Then after a couple of kms through a landscape of lava and lupins and occasional spots with trees, we arrived at a weird landscape with geysirs fizzling, bubbling and gargling from big holes in the ground. The original Geysir gave name to all places where water gushes from the ground. Geysir is one of the few Icelandic words that have found their way into the dictionaries of the world. Strokkur is a reliable geyser that spouts a 20 m high cascade of water regularly every few minutes. The whole area smells of sulphur and it is bubbling and gurgling everywhere. Very strange feeling to walk among these unruly holes in the ground.

The waterfall Gullfoss is mighty¸it falls 32 meters down into a deep gorge which is 2 km long with basalt columns rising like organ pipers from the bottom.